News from last night

Well, after two years, at last night’s Fort Atkinson City Council meeting, I passed the president’s gavel back to the very capable hands of Councilman Paul Kotz. I was very honored to have been given the privilege of serving as council president for two consecutive years.
We also wished farewell to Councilman Davin Lescohier, who served as a steady hand on the council for the past 10 years. It is quite an accomplishment to serve in any elected office that long, and one worthy of all our thanks.
We got some very important things done over these past two years, particularly completing our city’s 10 year Comprehensive Plan Update, planning for an overhaul of our fire station, coming up with a concept plan for the K-Mart area, completely a rental housing study, and much more.
We weren’t able to make everything happen that we wanted (more business in the Klement Business Park remains a big goal, to name one), but we’ll keep trying.
The rest of the council decided to elect me as president pro tem for this coming year. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with our very capable city council, including our newest member, Chris Scherer, as we focus on issues like housing, economic development, and much more. Thank you for entrusting the five of us to guide the city. I will personally keep listening to all of you, and I appreciate your support.
president plaque