The Comprehensive Plan Update

Every ten years, cities and villages in Wisconsin are required to update their Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is an overriding legal document that sets out a “road map” for a municipality. The city council and city staff are obligated to take the Comprehensive Plan into consideration when weighing decisions.

Why is this important? The Comprehensive Plan covers topics like zoning, and what residents want the city to look like in the future. It can also cover topics of emphasis, like strengthening a downtown area, or targeting specific areas for redevelopment.

Fort Atkinson recently held a community open house to gather feedback on our upcoming Comprehensive Plan update. Some of the feedback gathered from residents included the following:

  • Focusing on redevelopment of the former K-Mart property, including support for the already proposed site redevelopment map.
  • Keeping the urban part of the city separate from rural areas.
  • A desire for downtown beautification efforts, including adding greenery and other decorative amenities.
  • Expansion of our bike trail network, including possible acquisition of further disused railroad lines.
  • A need for more small housing options.
  • The possibility of creating a downtown “town square”.


Local residents at the Comprehensive Plan Open House, reviewing plans and giving feedback.

This is just a small sampling of some of the feedback that was gathered at the open house, which over 50 people attended.

Fort Atkinson is fortunate to have so many engaged residents, who are willing and eager to give their input on what they want their community to look like in the future.

Do you have further ideas for what Fort Atkinson should look like as we continue further into the 21st Century? Anything we are completely missing right now? Feel free to reach out to me at, or reply in the comments section here.