Parking in the Business Park

There has been a decent amount of discussion and questions about a recent proposed ordinance for the City of Fort Atkinson, and I hope this post will help answer some of the recurring questions.
Regarding the proposed ordinance change which would prohibit on-street parking on Mielke Drive in the Klement Business Park:
The city decided to review parking in the business park, after one of the businesses in the park came forward and complained about the number of trucks parking there, the fact that some were staying well beyond the 48 hours allowed by ordinance, and also that some of the trailers were serving as de facto billboards for competing businesses not even located in Fort Atkinson.
The covenants of the Klement Business Park specifically prohibit on street parking. The allowance of truck parking on Mielke Drive was done as a measure to help out a small number of local truckers, and was never intended to be indefinitely permanent.
The city is doing what it can to attract further business in the park. It has always been intended that more business would come into the Klement Business Park (thus benefiting everyone in the city). Part of this process requires maximizing curb appeal of the park. The city has received negative comments from prospective businesses about the current allowance of on-street parking.
The proposed ordinance was read for the first time last night, October 2nd. There will likely be two more readings of the ordinance, at the next two council meetings, before it is enacted. The ordinance, if passed as written, would go into effect January 1, 2019.
Yerges Storage has come forward, notifying the city that they have space for trucks to park, including electrical hookup, for a fee. Residents currently using Mielke Drive for parking are encouraged to contact Yerges, or begin looking at alternative arrangements.
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