About that pesky local road maintenance issue…

Sometimes I feel compelled to write things to various members of our state legislature. Sometimes I get responses, often times I do not.

pothole road

Photo of what we’re trying to avoid having in Fort Atkinson¬†(picture from the Transportation Development Association website).

The Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee had a hearing yesterday. I was not able to attend that meeting due to work, but I emailed the following letter to all the members of that committee. Here it is, for your reading enjoyment/amusement/criticism/whatever. Feel free to comment below!

Click here to read my letter: AB 361 opinion

As always, thanks for reading my blog…I hope all of you are enjoying a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!



Why don’t more people run?

Thought for your weekend: This is the time of year when nomination papers get taken out for spring elections. I have had a bit of involvement with trying to recruit people to run in local elections (which are non-partisan). It’s tougher than it may sound to get people to run.

The vast majority of local incumbents will again be unopposed in our area. I would venture to guess that will also be true statewide.

Have you ever thought about running for a local office? Maybe your local school board, city council, or county board? What has held you back from running? Why do you think more people do not choose to run?